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2019 (10.0)
2020 (15.0)

Allows you to copy 2D drawings (also referred to as documents) locally or in a shared folder so that you do not have to stay connected to the server to see associated drawings. The attachment by Smart Review of objects in the 2D drawings to 3D objects in the model are based on correlations set up in either Smart 3D or SmartPlant Foundation.

  1. On the Main view, select an object that has an associated 2D drawing file, and then open Properties. The 2D drawing files display under Documents in Properties.

  2. Right-click the Main view or the drawing file name in Properties, and then select Copy Documents Locally. Select the folder in which to copy the drawing files on your local system.

    You or your administrator can set up a shared folder for the drawing files so that all Smart Review users can see the drawings.

  3. When you copy the drawing files, the software automatically attaches documents to correlated objects. The resulting documents for an object display under Attachments in Properties. You can also attach drawings to objects in Smart Review using Edit Attachments and Auto-Attach commands. For more information, see Attach and Review Drawings and Auto-Attach Smart 3D Drawings.


If the source drawings files are updated and published, you must connect to the server to see the changes. If you copied drawings locally, replace the old copy with the updated copy, and then re-open Smart Review.

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