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2020 (15.0)

Clipping volumes let you isolate and view portions of a model. The clipping volume is a box that you can place anywhere inside a model just like the other volume annotation box shapes. You can draw the clipping volume as a visible piece of geometry for ease in placement and editing. Smart Review provides both the classic clipping volume functionality and an interactive 3D clipping volume wireframe, which can be manipulated by using your mouse to adjust the size and orientation of the clipping volume.

Classic vs. 3D Clipping Volume

The main differences between the classic method and the 3D method for clipping volumes are summarized below.


Creates clipping boundaries through volume annotation placement to define accurate clipping areas. The classic method in creating volume annotations requires the Construction module.


Provides a simple wireframe tool to quickly create a clipping volume. No additional modules are required. The size and placement of the clipping volume is not as accurate as when you use commands available in the classic method.The 3D Clipping Volume tool supports clipping to show only objects in a specific area, and inverse clipping to show objects outside of an area or section. Use inverse clipping to cut away the model so that you can see different model cross-sections.

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