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2019 (10.0)
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Motion > Settings

Displays the Dialog BoxMotion Settings Dialog Box, allowing you to specify the time for screen updates, the shading mode, the keyboard motion, and the clipping planes. The Motion Settings dialog box tabs also allow you to set up a joystick.

This command can also be accessed from the Animation toolbar (View > Toolbars > Animation).

All forms of dynamic motion share the same basic speed/control settings. However, it is important to set the speed setting to a proper value for the model. The speed setting determines the base rate of movement (units per move) for dynamic motion, independent of update speed. Keypad and joystick discrete controls can vary the speed around this setting.

By default, dynamic motion updates an entire view before moving to the next one. You cannot control motion effectively on some large models because the update time is too long. For these large models, the Clip far option on the Motion Settings > Display tab can be very useful. When enabled, this option sets the far clipping plane to the specified value (if this value is smaller than the current far clipping setting). By using this setting, you can reduce the amount of graphics being drawn. This decreases update time while allowing you to see all graphics that are near the eye point.

For best performance during motion, use the lowest acceptable display quality and the following settings on the Display tab on the Motion Settings dialog box:

  • Leave Allow all texturing unchecked.

  • Leave Update View Cone unchecked.

  • Leave Update position status unchecked.