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File > Export > Project
Tablet Mode > Expand > Export

To use this functionality, you must install the Application Programming Interface (API) module.

When you export a model .zvf file from a SmartPlant Foundation or SDx Operations session, Smart Review saves the server connection information to the database (.mdb) file. The next time you open the exported .zvf file, Smart Review automatically reconnects to the server using the connection information.

If you disconnected from the server and exported the file, the server URL address displays in Settings > Source as Not connected.

Smart 3D connection allows you to see only live 2D drawings. For more information, see Access 2D Drawings.

A. Export the File

  1. From SmartPlant Foundation or SDx Operations, select the View in Smart Review command to start Smart Review and see a 3D model.

  2. From Smart Review, select File > Export > Project, and type a new location for the .zvf file.
    Tap Expand and then Export . Smart Review saves to the new location.

B. Open the Exported File

  1. From Smart Review, open the .zvf project file you just exported.

    Smart Review displays the model and automatically connects to the server associated to the .zvf file. The status bar shows the connection progress. When a connection has been made, a Connected to web server [URL address] message displays where the URL address is the connected server address.

    To check the connection URL, select Settings in Tablet Mode or File > Settings in Classic mode.

  2. Select objects in the model to see property data and 2D drawings, and perform other model review operations. Any 2D drawings display in the Document view. For more information on 2D drawings, see Open the Associated 2D Drawings.

  3. Close the .zvf file and save any edits. Smart Review automatically disconnects from the server.

  4. If you receive an error, verify that the username you are attempting to authenticate on the SPF/SDx server exists on the SPF/SDx server and has the required roles.

To get data from the server, your user name and permissions must also exist on the SPF or SDx Operations server with the correct roles. Otherwise, a connection error such as 'User cannot be found' displays.

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