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To open the j5 Operations Logbook application, click Operations in the navigation bar and select Operations Logbook in the list. The Operations Logbook list view opens with a summary view of all the operations logbook entries created in your area.

Each entry has its Event Time, Area, Category, Message, and Status displayed in the list view. High and critical priority entries have a red indicator displayed between the Category and Message columns. When notes and flags have been added to an entry, the number of notes and flags are indicated in the last column.

By default, the operations logbook entries are ordered from the most recent to the oldest. You can reverse this order by clicking the Event Time column heading. The entries can also be ordered by their category, message, status, and number of notes by clicking the other column headings respectively.

You can use the list view filters to display specific logbook entry groups. The Simple filters display only the entries that relate to a particular Event Time, Category, Status, Priority, Site, or Section, while the Advanced filter option allows you to construct your own personalized filter.