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Graphs communicate data trends at a glance. Shift report templates support three types of graphs, namely sparklines, charts, and trendlines.


Sparklines are compressed line graph displays of process tag values over time. The sparkline graph displays the rises and falls in the tag’s values, and by default, shows the most recent value in the top right corner. When you drag your mouse over a sparkline, the value for each point is displayed.


Charts display tag data or imported data in a multi-lined graph. Charts can display multiple tags which allows a clear comparison at defined points in time.


Trendlines are compressed line graph displays of user-entered, or calculated values over time. A trendline appears to the right of the trended box. This is different to a sparkline, which only shows tag data.

When a trendline is clicked, a Trend History window appears. This shows the cell’s previous values.