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In the earlier example, the Shift Crew section required users to select the crew information from lists.

Alternatively, shift crew information can be imported into a shift report. The input method for the shift crew information depends on the shift report design.

When a shift report has a shift crew import section, the shift crew section is initially blank.

To import shift crew information:

  1. Select the Summary tab in the header bar.

  2. Click Edit

  3. Select the relevant shift crew from the Shift Crew list.


    After a shift crew is assigned to a shift handover, the shift crew is automatically assigned to other shift handovers on that day that meet the following criteria:

    • Shift handovers that are configured in child areas, that do not have shift crews configured in their areas, are assigned the same shift crew for the shifts that have the same name. For example, Crew C is assigned to a shift handover in the Power Generation section for the Day shift. The Power Generation section has three areas: Area 1, Area 2, and Area 3. Area 3 has its own shift crew, Area 1 and Area 2 don't. Crew C is automatically assigned to all of the Day shift handovers in the Power Generation section, Area 1, and Area 2. It is not automatically assigned to the shift handovers in Area 3 because Area 3 has its own shift crew.

    • Shift handovers that have been assigned different shift structures (for example, one has been assigned a two-shifts a day structure and the other a three-shifts a day structure) but both have a shift with the same name. The shift handovers in the same area and child areas that happen in the shift with the same name are automatically assigned the same shift crew despite the different shift structures. For example, the Power Generation shift report follows a two-shifts per day structure. The Area 1 shift report follows a three-shifts per day structure. Crew C is assigned to the Power Generation Day shift. The three-shifts per day structure also has a Day shift. Crew C is automatically assigned to the Day shift handover in Area 1.

  4. Click Save

  5. Select the Shift Crew tab in the header bar.

  6. Click Edit next to a shift crew member to change their attendance status or to write a comment.

  7. Click Add to add a member to the crew. For example, someone acting as relief for a sick shift crew member.

  8. Click Save next to each edited and added shift crew member.

  9. Select the shift report’s tab in the header bar. The Shift Crew information appears in the Shift Crew section of the shift report.