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Work plans can be created on a blank or prepared template.

Video: Create a work plan

To create a work plan on a blank template:

  1. Click Add . The Adding detail window screen opens.

  2. Enter the entry’s details:

    • Site, Section, Area, and Unit - Select the operational area information for the work plan. This determines where the work instruction should be performed.

    • Work Category - Select the category for the work instruction.

    • Assigned Group - Select the group that should complete the work instruction.

  3. Enter the work description in the description box. For this example, individual tasks are going to be defined, so only a summary of the work instruction is written in the description box.

  4. When you want to use a specialized IndustraForm, select the IndustraForm template you want from the IndustraForm list. This is covered in detail later.

  5. Schedule the work instruction. For information on how to schedule a work instruction, refer to Schedule types.

  6. Click Save

To configure individual tasks:

  1. Select the Tasks tab. Tasks defined on this tab are displayed in the tasks subsection on the default work instruction IndustraForm.

  2. To add a task, click Add

  3. Enter the task’s Description.

  4. Click Save

When an IndustraForm template is selected, the work instruction tasks are defined on the selected IndustraForm.

Your work plan is now prepared.