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When an operational event is updated or changed, the associated operations logbook entry should be updated and actions should be noted.

All input boxes can be adjusted as required, such as the entry’s status, description, and category. Additionally, attachments and equipment items can be added or removed, and notes and flags can be attached.

To edit an operations logbook entry:

  1. Click on the entry you want to edit in the list view. The entry opens.

  2. Edit the input boxes as required.

    For example:

    • Edit the description.

    • Add a note or flag.

To add a note or flag:

  1. Click Add a note or flag at the bottom of the entry. The Add note or flag dialog box appears.

  2. Enter your note or flag.

  3. Click Add Note or Add Flag.

The note appears (read-only) at the bottom of the entry with your name, and the date and time the note was created.

  • Update the Status. When the status is Closed or Canceled, the entry cannot be edited, but the status can be changed.

Notes and flags can be added to an entry when the entry is Closed or Canceled.

All edits are automatically saved. After updating the entry, click Operations Logbook in the breadcrumb to return to the list view.