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An operations logbook entry should be created when any noteworthy operational event occurs. Operations logbook entries can be created on the operations logbook default form or a form designed for a specific category.

To create an operations logbook entry:

  1. Click New Entry to create an entry on the default form or if the event’s category has its own button, click next to the category. The Adding detail window opens.

  2. Complete the required fields. The required fields in the built-in default form are:

    • Category - Select an appropriate category for the event (Operations, Maintenance, Lab, Safety, and so on). If the selected category has a subcategory configured, a Subcategory option list appears below the Category list.

      The Category is automatically selected if you clicked a category button above the list view.

    • Area - This automatically matches the areas your user profile has been given access to. If your user profile has been given access to multiple areas, select the relevant area information for the entry.

    • Description - Enter the description in the description box. You can format your description with the text formatting options.

      Predefined messages can be configured for description boxes. If they have been configured for this description box, you can select a predefined message from the option list. The message is automatically copied into the description box. When content has already been entered into the description box, the message is copied beneath the existing content.

  3. Enter the other necessary details for the entry. The other fields in the built-in default form are:

    • Event Time - Select the date and time the event occurred (click the calendar and clock ). This defaults to the time when you clicked New Entry .

    • Status - Select the current status of the event (Open, On Hold, Closed, or Cancelled). This defaults to Closed.

    • Priority - If the event has a High or Critical priority, select the appropriate priority. This defaults to none (-).

    • Equipment - If the event is related to an equipment item, select the equipment item.

    • Drop files here - If there are relevant images, videos, sound files, or documents associated with the operational event, these files can be attached to the entry by dragging them into this box (or by clicking [...] next to this box)

  4. If the entry should be discussed during the shift handover, ensure that the Add to Handover Report checkbox is selected. This checkbox is selected by default.

  5. To save the entry, click Save at the top of the detail window.

Click Operations Logbook in the breadcrumb to return to the list view.