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Operators do not have the ability to create, modify, or delete standing orders (they can simply acknowledge them). Users with any of the other rights groups can create a standing order.

Video: Create and activate a standing order

To create a standing order:

  1. Select Add . The Standing Orders adding window opens.

  2. Enter the details for the standing order:

    • Site, Section, Area, Unit - Select the operational area information the standing order is assigned to. Users can only view the standing orders assigned to their area.

    • Start Time - Select the start time for the standing order. A standing order can only be acknowledged after the start time.

    • End Time - If the standing order only applies to a specific period of time, select an end time.

    • Acknowledgement Renewal Period - If users should acknowledged the standing order again after a period of time, enter an acknowledgement renewal period. This period can be defined in Hours, Days, Weeks, Months, or Years.

    • Attachment - If there are relevant files, you can attach multiple files to the standing order. To attach a file, select Add an attachment … and then Browse to the file you want.

    The selected operational area information determines who can view the standing order, and in which shift handovers the standing order appears. If you want to target all of the users at a site (and all the shift handover reports at a site), select the relevant Site. All the sections, areas, and units on the site are automatically included.

  3. Enter the standing order in the description box.

  4. Select the Target Group(s). The users with active (selected) user profiles that match the selected target group(s) and operational areas will need to acknowledge the standing order.

  5. If you want to send a notification email to selected target group(s), select the Email Target Group(s) on Activation? checkbox. An email is sent to the users that have the target group as their default user profile and those that have the target group user profile selected.

  6. If you want to send a notification email to a distribution list, select a distribution list from the Email Distribution List on Activation list.

  7. Change the Status to Active. This activates the standing order when the standing order is saved.

  8. Select Save

If the Email Target Group(s) on Activation? checkbox has been selected, or if a distribution list has been selected, an email is sent to the defined users when the standing order is activated. If the standing order is then deactivated and then later activated again, another email is not sent to the users.