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IndustraForm templates are created and designed in the j5 IndustraForm Designer. For information on how to create and design work instruction IndustraForm templates, see j5 Shift Operations Management Configuration.

To create a work plan that opens with a specialized IndustraForm in the Work Instructions module:

  1. Select Add

  2. Select the operational area information, Work Category, and Assigned Group.

  3. In IndustraForm list, select the IndustraForm template you want.

  4. Enter a short work description in the Description box. This is displayed in the Work Planning and Work Instructions list views.

  5. Select Save

The Tasks tab disappears. All the tasks for this work instruction need to be defined on the selected IndustraForm template.

To see if any changes are required on the IndustraForm template before the work instruction is released, select Preview.

This opens the IndustraForm in a separate web browser tab.

To release the work, select Release Work.