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The following schedule options are available:

  • Schedule type

    • Ad-hoc - The schedule doesn't repeat automatically but can be rescheduled and reused multiple times. Refer to Ad-hoc schedule for more information.

    • Simple - The schedule repeats on a regular, uniform schedule. Simple schedules are determined by a set number of hours, days, weeks, or months. Refer to Simple schedule for more information.

    • Advanced - The schedule allows you to configure schedules that repeat on particular days of the week, month, or year. Refer to Advanced schedule for more information.

    • Shift-based - The schedule is structured around the shift start times. Refer to Shift-based schedule for more information.

    • On-demand - The operator round is not scheduled. Users can add on-demand rounds on j5 Mobile as required. No schedule settings are available when this is selected.

    When using the on-demand schedule type:

    • Only 100 on-demand round plans can be created on your j5 system. This is the total number of on-demand plans, not just the Released on-demand plans.

    • You can only create and release on-demand round plans in the j5 Operator Rounds Planning module on the j5 Web Client. In other words, these rounds can’t be created in the j5 IndustraForm Designer.

  • Start Time - The date and time of when the schedule is implemented.

  • Finish Time - The date and time of when the schedule is stopped. You can leave this field blank; the schedule is applied to this operator round plan indefinitely.

  • Round Duration - The estimated length of time it will take to complete the round.

  • Allow start in advance - Determines how much earlier each round in this series can be started from their scheduled start time.

  • Consider 'Overdue' after the planned round finish time - Determines when each round goes into the Overdue state.

    For example, if the round's duration is 2 hours and Consider 'Overdue' is 30 minutes, the round's status will change to Overdue 2hr 30 after its scheduled start time. For shift-based rounds (this schedule type doesn't have the Round Duration field), the round will be Overdue 30 minutes after the next shift's start time.

  • Consider 'Missed' after - Determines when each round goes into the Missed state; the round can't be edited.

    • Never - The round will never go into the Missed state.

    • Schedule start of next round - The round's status will change to Missed when the next round in the series is scheduled to start.

    • Fixed duration - The round's status will change to Missed when this time has past after the round's planned finish time. This time needs to be greater than the configured Consider 'Overdue' after the planned round finish time.

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