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Operator rounds are typically completed on j5 Mobile. The operator rounds in the Available, Awaiting Start, In Progress, and Complete states can be viewed in the Operator Rounds list view on j5 Mobile.

The operator round states mean the following:

  • Scheduled - The round can't be started. The round is in the Scheduled state before the scheduled start time and allow start in advance time.

  • Available - The round can be started. The round is in the Available state after the allow start in advance time but before the scheduled start time.

  • Awaiting Start - The round should be started. The round goes into the Awaiting Start state after the scheduled start time.

  • In Progress - The round has been started. The round goes into the In Progress state when the round overview section is submitted.

  • Complete - The round has been submitted. The round goes into the Complete state when the Round Completion section is submitted, even when approvals have been configured.

  • Approved - The round has been approved. The round goes into the Approved state after all of the configured approvers have approved the round on the Round Completion section.

  • Missed - The round can't be edited. A round's Missed state depends on the option that was selected when the round was configured. A round might never go into the Missed state, or it can go into the Missed state after the next round in the series is scheduled to start (the next round is Awaiting Start) or after a fixed configured time period.

  • Cancelled - The round can't be edited. A user with the necessary permissions has canceled the round. A round can be canceled before the round is started.

The above status descriptions describe the default statuses configured for operator rounds. These statuses might have been adjusted for your j5 system.