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You can configure tasks and their associated details in the columns that follow the level columns. The required configuration cells for tasks are the Label and Type columns. When Choice is selected as a task’s Type, the Options List column becomes required for that task too.

The other configuration options allow you to:

  • Order the operator round’s sections in its PDF report (Report Order)

  • Navigate to tasks quickly (Barcode Tag)

  • Sync tasks with parent data, data points, and use data in formulas (Identifier)

  • Inform the user completing the operator round what data to enter for the task (Label)

  • Define how the task's data is entered (Type)

  • Display the task’s unit of measurement (UoM)

    Refer to Label, Type, and UoM for more information.

  • Raise attention to abnormal input ranges (FlagX Min and FlagX Max)

  • Display a message when a flag is raised (FlagX Min Message and FlagX Max Message)

  • Group flag settings together so that only the closest flag setting is triggered (FlagX Group)

  • Raise attention to a specific input or checklist selection (FlagX Value)

  • Raise attention to the task because of another task's input value or selection (FlagX Formula)

  • Display a message when the FlagX Value or FlagX Formula is triggered (FlagX Message)

  • Link the flag min and flag max values to a flag category (FlagX Min Category and FlagX Max Category)

  • Link a flag min and flag max values to a flag priority (FlagX Min Priority and FlagX Max Priority)

  • Hide the triggered flag - the entered value or selection doesn't appear to be flagged (FlagX Hidden)

  • Set valid limits so that values exceeding the equipment’s possible values aren't accepted (Valid Min and Valid Max)

  • Specify whether the task is essential for the operator round’s completion (Required)

  • Remove the No Reading Available checkbox from the task info screen (Show No Reading Available)

  • Automatically copy values from one operator round to the next (Carry-Over)

  • Set what options are displayed for the task (Options List)

  • Display read-only data from a tag (Read from Tag Name)

  • Send entered data to a tag (Write to Tag Name)

    Refer to Read from Tag Name and Write to Tag Name for more information.

  • Display the user entered value and the associated tag value for the task, so that they can be compared (Compare with Tag Name)

  • Raise a flag when the difference between the user entered value and the tag value is bigger than the specified limit (Compare with Tag Delta Limit)

    Refer to Compare with Tag Name and Compare with Tag Delta Limit for more information.

  • Limit the number of decimal places for tag readings (Number Decimal)

  • Display the task’s data history (Trend Days)

  • Show or hide tasks based on another task's value (Visibility Condition)

  • Display the task even when its task group has been marked as inactive (Always Active)

  • Define when the associated task appears in the operator round (Schedule)

  • Display the date and time the task was last edited (Show Last Modified)

  • Raise a flag when the difference between the task’s previous value and its current value is greater than the specified limit (Compare with Previous Delta Limit)

  • Display a comment box under the task's input box on the list view (Show Comment)

  • Require a comment if a measurement is flagged (Comment Required if Flagged)