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Create operator round plan

  1. Select the Operator Rounds scope.

  2. Right-click an area node and select New Operator Rounds Plan. The New Operator Rounds Plan dialog box appears.

  3. Name the new operator round plan and click Confirm. The Operator Rounds Planning - Adding window opens.

  4. Adjust the operator round’s description and schedule so that they meet requirements. The Title box is required. The configured title appears in the Operator Rounds list view list view. For information on how to schedule an operator round, refer to Schedule settings.

    If the Round Type you want isn't available, refer to Configure operator round types.

  5. Assign the round to either a user group or user profile using the Assigned To option list (the user groups appear at the top of the list, followed by the user profiles). The selected group should complete the operator rounds created by this plan.

    The selected areas determine what user profiles are available in the Assigned To list.

  6. Click Save

Import the tasks spreadsheet design

  1. Right-click the operator round plan in the navigation pane and select Import from Tasks Spreadsheet.

  2. Navigate to the tasks spreadsheet you want, select the spreadsheet, and click Open. The operator round design appears in the IndustraForm Editor.

    The filename of the uploaded spreadsheet is shown below the Download Tasks Spreadsheet button on the Operator Rounds Plan screen.

  3. If the tasks spreadsheet references a static file, right-click the operator round’s area or a parent area node and select Upload Static File.

  4. Click preview to preview the operator round template.

  5. If required, adjust the operator round template design in the tasks spreadsheet and re-import.

Release the operator round

  1. When you are satisfied that the operator round template meets your needs, right-click the operator round plan in the navigation pane and select View Operator Rounds Plan.

  2. Click Release Round.