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When assets are linked to a tasks group, the data points created by each task in the task group are linked to that asset.

To link an asset to a task group:

  1. Find the ID of the asset you want to link in the asset register and determine which task group the asset fits in.

  2. Add the following text (including the colon) after the task groups name in the appropriate task group cell.

    : #j5.Asset: assetID

    where assetID is the ID of the asset you want to link. See below for an example of the added text.

    asset in spreadsheet example

    Notice that

    : #j5.Asset: 101-UA-151 was added after the Compressor task group label and

    : #j5.Asset: 101-UA-153 was added after the Pressure task group label.

  3. Upload the task spreadsheet. Task groups that have an asset ID are linked to their associated assets.