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Each list on the blank tasks spreadsheet has the default choice options for each menu. To add additional options to a list, follow the step-by-step guide below:

  1. Select the tab with the relevant choice options.

    • Choice Options - Lists the Option List choice options

    • Units of Measure - Lists the UoM choice options

    • Approvals - Lists the Rights Groups and Roles choice options

    • j5 Designer Options - Lists the Carry-Over, Type, Write to Tag Trigger, Write to Tag Timestamp, Approval/Permission Type, Has No Reading Available, and Required choice options

  2. Add the additional options under the relevant heading.

  3. Select the Operator Round tab.

  4. Select the cell or cells you would like the updated choice options applied to.

  5. Connect the relevant choice options to the selected cell or cells using your spreadsheet editor features.