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This section allows you to configure approvals for the operator round. Approvals can be Rights Group based or Role based. The configured approvals complete the operator round after the operator round is submitted.

  • Rights Group based approval - any user with the configured rights group can approve the operator round.

  • Role based approval - creates IndustraForm roles for the operator round. A user needs to be assigned an IndustraForm role before they can approve the operator round.

Role based approvals can only be assigned in the j5 Operator Rounds module on the j5 Web Client. If you want to complete the entire operator round process on j5 Mobility (without any user interaction on a desktop), we recommend that you only use Rights Group based approvals.

This section can be removed (including the #j5.Round.Approvals: heading) if no approvals are required or it can have as many approvals configured as you need.