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FlagX Min and FlagX Max

Determine the limits of the normal operating values for number and integer type tasks. The values are displayed under the input box. If an entered value exceeds the configured limits, the software raises a flag. These values can be manually entered or determined by a formula. Each range is numbered, so that the first range is in the form Flag1 Min, Flag1 Max, and each subsequent range, increments by 1. Multiple ranges may be assigned to a task.

FlagX Min Message and FlagX Max Message

These messages are displayed when the j5 software raises a flag. When no message has been configured, the flagged task displays the FlagX Min and Max values below the input box. When a message is configured, the values and the message are displayed. The message can be standard text or determined by a formula.

FlagX Min Category and FlagX Max Category

Flags can be categorized for reporting and analysis purposes. Categories are created and maintained via the j5 Web Client. For more details refer to Flag Categories.

FlagX Min Priority and FlagX Max Priority

Flags can be ordered by priority when importing into an IndustraForm or exporting for use in BI tools. Priorities are created and maintained via the j5 Web Client. For more details refer to Flag Priorities.

FlagX Hidden

Set the flag to be hidden. The flag isn’t displayed on the IndustraForm when it is triggered, but it is still logged to the flag history table.