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Operator rounds can be canceled when the round can’t be completed or if it is no longer necessary. This is done by selecting the check box in the Round Completion section.

Cancel Round?

This section allows you to configure who has the permission to select the Cancel Round? check box in the Round Completion section. The Round Completion section is created automatically when a tasks spreadsheet is imported into j5.

Permissions can be Rights Group based or Role based. Rights Group based and Role based permissions function in the same way as the approval options (refer to #j5.Round.Approvals: for more information). If no cancellation permissions are configured, any user rights group can cancel the operator round.


This section can be removed (including the #j5.Round.Permissions.CanCancel: heading) if you do not want to restrict the cancellation permission to a particular group of users or you can configure as many cancellation permissions as you need.