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The task comment boxes and mobile layout are automatically set up when a tasks spreadsheet is uploaded. When you add a task to the operator round template in the j5 IndustraForm Designer, the following comment box and mobile layout configuration conventions need to be used.

Comment box

A task's comment box appears on the task's info screen (refer to Task Info screens for more information). In order for a comment box to appear for a task, the comment cell's ID in the j5 IndustraForm Designer needs to be structured as TaskFieldIDComment (for example, if the task input field's cell ID is TagTemp, the comment cell ID needs to be TagTempComment).


Mobile layout

To add the new task (that was created in the j5 IndustraForm Designer) to the mobile layout, right-click the task's input cell and select Add to Mobile Layout. The task's label, input field, and comment box are all added to the mobile layout with this single step (in other words, you don't need to right-click the Comment cell to add it to the mobile layout because it is automatically added with the task's input cell).

The new task is added to the bottom of its section's mobile layout. To move the task into the position you want it:

  1. Select Mobile Layout MOBILE_LAYOUTicon in the toolbar.

  2. Right-click the task in the Mobile Layout window and select Move Up until it is in the position you want it.