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The following best practices are based on many years of practical experience in the deployment and use of operator rounds in multiple settings. We recommend that:

  • The maximum size of an operator round should be about 150-200 tasks.

  • The maximum time to complete an operator round should be about 30-45 minutes per round.

  • For day-shift operations, you should not schedule more than 2 hours for operator round data collection. On nights and weekends, you can schedule longer rounds, but they should not be longer than 4 hours per shift.

  • If your operator round requirements don't fit within these best practices, we recommend you re-evaluate your task selection and frequency.

  • Your operator rounds should be designed in task spreadsheets exclusively. If you need to make changes to your operator rounds in the j5 IndustraForm Designer, please let us know so that we can understand your use-case and try to add the necessary functionality to the task spreadsheet.