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Reveals the associated task based on another task’s value. The task's visibility condition should be a formula.

For example, when a task’s value is bigger than or less than a certain point, it may be necessary to collect additional information. Tasks can be configured to only display if another task’s value triggers their visibility.

The examples given on the Operator Round - HydroCracker tab in the sample tasks spreadsheet are:

  • The Axial Comp Inlet Temp T2 task is only displayed when the DCS control mode is selected. Condition: ControlMode = "DCS" (ControlMode is the Control Mode’s task identifier)

  • The Fuel Gas Scrubbing task is only displayed when the Fuel Gas Metering value is bigger than 80. Condition: Fuel_Meter>80 (Fuel_Meter is the Fuel Gas Metering’s task identifier)