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Shows or hides the associated task based on another task’s value. The condition setting for the task should be a formula.

For example, when a task’s value is greater than or less than a certain point, it may be necessary to collect additional information. Tasks can be configured to only display if a previous task’s value triggers their visibility.

The examples given on the Operator Round - HydroCracker tab in the sample tasks spreadsheet are:

  • The Axial Comp Inlet Temp T2 task is only displayed when the DCS control mode is selected. Condition: ControlMode = "DCS" (ControlMode is the Control Mode’s task identifier)

  • The Fuel Gas Scrubbing task is only displayed when the Fuel Gas Metering value is greater than 80. Condition: Fuel_Meter>80 (Fuel_Meter is the Fuel Gas Metering’s task identifier)