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All tasks spreadsheets need to include certain tags and layout features in order to create usable operator round templates after they are imported into the j5 Operator Rounds Planning module. In this section, we look at the features and structures used in the tasks spreadsheet and give extra attention to features that need to be present in all tasks spreadsheets.

The sample tasks spreadsheet has multiple tabs. The Operator Round - HydroCracker tab displays the operator round information while the other tabs (Choice Options, Units of Measure, Approvals, j5 Designer Options, and Schedule Examples) provide the information to populate the various lists in the operator round tab and in the final operator round template.

The names of the tabs do not affect their function. Tabs can be renamed to whatever is most useful.

The Operator Round tab is divided into five main sections, namely #j5.Round:, #j5.Section.HeaderFields:, #j5.Round.Approvals:, j5.Round.Permissions.CanCancel:, and #j5.Section.RoundTasks:. These # headings allow j5 to interpret the information in each section when imported into the j5 Operator Rounds Planning module.