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The j5 Operator Rounds module list view displays the Awaiting Start, Scheduled, Missed, In Progress, and Complete operator rounds. This module can be accessed via j5 Mobile so that the operator round task data can be captured as the rounds are completed.


When the Shift Based schedule type is used, there are three shift filter buttons available: Current Shift, Next Shift, and Previous Shift. The active filter is shown in blue.

When this module is opened on the j5 Web Client, the Export Measurements button appears above the list view.

To export all of the task values from the operator rounds displayed on the current page (filtered or unfiltered) of the list view, click Export Measurements. An xlsx file with the task data automatically downloads. Each task value is displayed in its own row with its area, operator round, task, and modification time information.


To export a report that summarizes the Operator Round data exceptions for a set period of time:

  1. Select the Scheduled Start Time filter to configure the time period included in the export.

  2. Filter the operator rounds by status and area as required.

  3. Click the Exception Report button. All of the exceptions in the operator rounds displayed on the current page are exported.