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An Alert whose description is FCI Calculation has been pre-created but not activated. Facility Condition Index (FCI) is used in facilities management to measure the condition of buildings and to be able to compare these indices more accurately.

FCI = Cost of Needed Repairs / Replacement Value

The alert runs at a frequency that you define to calculate FCI on buildings for which you track FCI.

Buildings that make up hotel properties can be tracked using the Facilities screen. Cost of Needed Repairs and Replacement Value fields are two of the attributes available on the Facilities screen (see Work menu). In addition, a FCI Calculation checkbox is provided. See the image in the notes below to view these fields on the Facilities screen.

Cost of Needed Repairs is derived from capital projects (see Capital Planning Request screen) for buildings. In this case the cost of needed repairs is equated to the cost of refurbishing a building so its useful life is maximized. Capital Planning Requests considered are the ones whose status <> Cancelled or Unfinished and the FCI Applicable check box is selected.

If you wish to track FCI for buildings, then do the following:

  • Provide the Replacement Value and select the FCI Calculation check box for each building you wish to track using the Facilities screen.

  • Select the Active check box for FCI Calculation alert (Alert Management screen) and provide a Next Evaluation Date (i.e., the first time the alert will run).

  • Activate the Alert Management Job on the Job Setup screen.

The alert will fire on the Next Evaluation Date. It will find all applicable capital planning requests for each building (whose FCI Calculation check box is selected); calculate total Cost of Needed Repairs for the building, then calculation building FCI.

  • If Replacement Value is not populated, then the alert will not perform the calculations for that building.

  • The delivered frequency for the alert to run is every 12 months. This can be updated if necessary.