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Email triggers can be beneficial for many customers and industry verticals. They may be especially helpful in a service-related industry such as hospitality. In addition to emails, Push Notifications can be sent to an individual mobile device. See Figure 11 below for how to configure a Push Notification.

An example of where this may be useful is when a hotel guest complains about his or her room. The hotel manager may want to know immediately so they can respond with a personal visit to reassure the guest that they will receive the best service possible.

In the hotel industry is it common for guests to have a special level associated to them. For example, Marriott guests receive a Silver, Gold, or Platinum membership based on their number of stays. Perhaps the hotel manager would like an email notification if any Platinum guest reports a problem to his hotel staff.

An email trigger has been pre-configured for this very reason. It will cause an email to be sent if a guest incident request is created for a guest with a VIP Status = LVL1. The Email Notification Setup is on table R5CONTACTRECORDS and has an Email Template called VIPISSUE associated.

As can be seen in the image below, parameters have been defined so that meaningful information will be sent to the email recipients. This information comes from the Guest Incident Request.

To send Push Notifications, turn on the Push Notification check box on the Email Template screen. Recipients should be User IDs of the mobile users in this case. See the Push Notifications for Mobile Devices white paper for more information.

  • Valid email recipients need to be added to the email template.

  • LVL1 status must be added to the VIPS entity as a valid VIP Status value.

  • The email trigger can be modified, and new triggers can be created based on the customer’s needs.

  • The Active check box on the Email Notification Setup record will need to be checked to activate the trigger.

  • The EMAIL driver needs to be activated.

  • The SMTPSEND and SMTPSERV install parameters need to be populated.