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The Assets screen has been simplified so that it holds assets such as the ones found in guest rooms like TVs, furniture, etc.

The Position field has been renamed to Facility/Room so that Rooms, Floors, Wings, Buildings, HVAC, and Elevators can be identified as the asset’s parent position.

  • Assets are not shared with HMS in an integrated environment. They are created and maintained within EAM.

  • The tabs displayed are the tabs certified for use with the Assets screen in the Hospitality Edition. Other equipment tabs can be made available; however, HxGN cannot guarantee system behavior.

  • The system type = Asset. The Screen Setup screen was used to filter out all equipment types <> Asset from this screen’s list view.

  • The Type field is hidden on this screen and defaulted to Asset.

  • The Department field is NOT part of this screen. When Assets are created the system uses Department = * when storing the record in R5OBJECTS since Department is required in the backend.