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Problem Codes are important for the Hospitality Edition because they are the primary means of enabling the user to quickly create work orders based on guest incident requests (see the Guest Incident Requests section for details).

Typical problems in the hospitality industry, as you may have guessed, are:

  • Pest problem

  • Rodent problem

  • Housekeeping service required

  • Towel/Linen request

  • Leaking faucet/toilet

  • Internet connectivity problem

  • Room temperature problem

  • TV related problem

It is best to associate a standard work order and priority to each problem code. This will enable Activity details to be populated onto the work order so that it can be immediately dispatched for work.

  • Problem Codes in the Hospitality Edition are Service Codes (i.e., Screen code = CSSVPB). This is different from problem codes related to closing codes. The Service Problem Code field has been renamed to Problem Code in the Hospitality Edition. To avoid confusion as much as possible, the regular Problem Code (related to closing codes) has been made ‘not available.’

  • If EAM is integrated with HMS, then EAM work orders are sent to HMS via the integration. WO Type is mapped to the HMS work order field Reason. Therefore, only WO Types that exists as valid Reason codes in HMS can be used to create Problem Codes. See Integration_EAM-HMS_Design document for details.