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HxGN EAM Version

The following five user profiles, or "user groups," have been created:

  • HOSP-ADMN (Administrator)

  • HOSP-USER (User)

  • HOSP-ENG (Engineer)

  • HOSP-IR (Incident Request)

  • HOSP-HK (Housekeeping)

The EAM user group defines what screens the users associated to the group can access and the permissions they have on these screens.

The hospitality user group is intended for those general employees that will be using the system day to day. This user group is a good place to start when creating additional non-admin type groups. The hospitality administrator group is intended for system administrators and contains all screens in the user group plus any setup or configuration screens necessary for system administration. The engineer group is intended for maintenance/engineering personnel and contains all screens in the user group but without any part inventory related screens. The incident request group is intended for those responsible for creating guest incident requests. This group has access to the Guest Incident Request screen only. The housekeeping group is intended for those responsible for performing housekeeping duties. This group has access to the Work Order screen only.

A single user for each of these groups has been created and associated to the appropriate group.

If you are currently logged into EAM as the R5 user, please log out. Log back in as the hospitality administrator to setup data necessary for getting your system up and running. The delivered administrator username is HOSPADMN and the password is 111111.

The first screen you will notice is the Start Center or Dashboard. It provides users with the key performance indicators (KPIs) that provide an overall view of how areas of interests are performing. For example, # of overdue preventive maintenance tasks, #of urgent incidents have been reported by hotel guests, etc. The capability exists to drill down on any of these key indicators to get the details of the data displayed on the Start Center.

At the top of the screen, there are three high level Menu items for the Hospitality industry: WORK, ENERGY, and ADMINISTRATION.

The WORK and ENERGY menus are also available for users in the Hospitality user and engineering groups. The ADMINISTRATION menu is only available for users in the Hospitality administrator group.

ADMINISTRATION contains the SETUP and SECURITY sub-menus. The ADMINISTRATION | SECURITY menu is where you will begin your quick start activities as system administrator.