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A new list view/record view screen called Screen Setup has been created and has three additional tabs: Types, Classes, and WO Equipment Types (see Figure 6).

The purpose of this screen is to allow customers who have created clones of equipment screens or the WO screen to define which equipment and/or WO Types are valid for that screen. For example, if a customer wants to display motors and pumps on two different asset screens in EAM because the attribute data is vastly different or they want to provide rights to motors to user group 1 and rights to pumps to user group 2, this screen makes this much easier than existing configuration methods. In addition, this keeps the configuration solely in the hands of administrators.

The following screens or types of screens are displayed on the list/record view:

  • Assets, Systems, Positions, and Work Order (renamed to "Work Orders – Original" – WSJOBS) screens.

  • Vertical related screens Assets Healthcare, Systems Healthcare, Properties Healthcare, Rooms, Vehicles, Facilities, Work Order (Hospitality version of WO screen – WSJOVH), and Work Orders Healthcare (Healthcare version of WO screen – WSJOVM).

  • Any screen whose parent screen is listed above, for example a clone of one of the screens above.

  • Records cannot be created directly on the Field Filter Setup screen record view.

  • The Screen Setup screen is delivered pre-configured for the Hospitality Edition. Equipment and WO Types have been created. Hospitality related screens have WO Type, Equipment Type, and WO Equipment Type filters applied. Refer to the image below to see that the following screens have filters already setup: Vehicles, Rooms, Facilities, Assets, and Work Orders (hospitality version of the WO screen).

  • If one of the screens listed in the Screen Setup list does not have a check box selected, then no filter is applied to the screens list view/field.

    In the previous image, the Facilities, Rooms, Vehicles, Assets, and Work Orders screens have filters applied.