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First, you will need to create the hotel Properties that will be managed within the HxGN EAM Hospitality environment. Each Property record should represent a physical hotel site. For example, 2310 Peachtree St in Atlanta, 454 Devereaux Drive in Knoxville, and 1453 Washington Avenue in Raleigh.

The system is designed to allow the administrator to determine which system records users are allowed to see based on the hotel Property for which the record is associated. For example, HxGN EAM Hospitality users at the Peachtree property in Atlanta will only be able to see Rooms, Buildings, Work Orders, Incident Requests, etc. that are related to their property. Users can have access to information at multiple hotel Properties.

After clicking the New Record icon in the toolbar, enter a Property code, description, and currency appropriate for the Property then click the Save Record icon (see below).

  • If HxGN EAM Hospitality Edition will be integrated with Infor HMS, then it is recommended that all Properties have the Common check box unselected. As EAM work orders are sent to HMS, the Room on the work order must have the same property as the work order or the data transfer will fail. Therefore, Rooms should NOT have common properties. A Lookup Filter has been defined for the Property field on the Rooms screen to filter out the * property. If this integration is not being used, then common property Rooms are acceptable.

  • The Rooms screen will still show the * property in insert mode when creating new records but only if the user does not have a default Property (i.e., Organization) assigned to them.

  • Screen like Parts, Manufacturers, Professions, Standard WOs, Task Plans, Suppliers, Problem Codes, Departments, and Shifts allow the ‘*’ organization. There are others as well where it makes sense that they be available for all organizations.