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As mentioned previously in the Administration section there are five user groups delivered in the Hospitality configuration. The administrator group contains all the screens of the user group plus all the administration screens i.e., setup and security. Once a user is added to a user group, the user inherits the menus, screens, and permissions associated to the user group. Users will be created after user groups.

See the User Group screen in the image below.

It is a good idea to create your administrator and user groups by copying the pre-configured groups rather than modifying the pre-delivered user groups. This way your new group will inherit the same menus and permissions while you maintain the existing HOSP-ADMN user group for future reference. Your newly created groups can be modified, as necessary.

Click New Record. Enter user group code and description then select HOSP-ADMN in the Copy From field prior to saving the new user group. Create one or more hospitality user groups in the same way but select HOSP-USER in the Copy From field for these groups.