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2018 R1 (7.1)

Key Frame animations show movement as if you are walking through the model in the Main view window. A Key Frame animation consists of a series of saved views or frames created using the View > Save and Recall Views command. Each saved view contains the current view parameters, such as the position of the eye, lighting, and the direction the eye is looking.

Key Frame animations, like Display Set and ScheduleReview animations, are time based in that saved view frames play within a fixed time interval. A saved view has a user-defined sequence number that determines their display order and the number of transitional (tween) frames that Smart Review creates between each saved view. The number of tween frames defines the transition rate from one saved view to the next. The saved view frames in a view group are then played by the Animation Player. You can use the Animation Sequencer to change the start time of a Key Frame animation as well as increase or decrease its playback speed.