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Intergraph Smart Review
2018 R1 (7.1)

Smart Review has navigation controls that provide eye point motion through your model using gaming-style navigation techniques. You can quickly explore all objects and spaces to get a better understanding of the model design. Navigation can be performed using the following:

  • 3D Navigator controls

  • Keyboard only

  • Keyboard + Mouse drag combinations

  • Touch screen

In addition, if you are comfortable with navigation in previous versions of SmartPlant Review (version 2008 and earlier), the classic navigation controls are still available.

Smart Review offers the best of both worlds by allowing you to use classic and gaming-style navigation methods. You can use the classic motion commands in conjunction with the gaming-style navigation controls. For example, you can use the Pan command and then click controls on the 3D Navigator to move in or out. Pan mode is not disabled, so when you stop using the 3D navigation controls, you are immediately back to the classic panning motion.

To access navigation-specific help at any time, press Q or click the Help control in the 3D Navigator. To access additional product help, press F1 or go to the Help menu.

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