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2018 R1 (7.1)

The Animation Player and Sequencer work together to show you both spatial and planning views within your 3D model. The Sequencer toolbar contains the playback controls that are also available in the Animation Player. This enables you to run the animation playback to see the spatial information of the animation in the main view, and schedule your animations to get immediate feedback to your edits.

To see both tools up at the same time, click Animation > Player and Animation > Sequencer.

You must have at least one animation to populate the tree view in the Animation Sequencer.

The playback settings in the Animation Player and in the Animation Sequencer control operations in both tools. Actions performed in the Player are reflected in the Sequencer, and vice versa. For example, when you move the slider in the Animation Player to see display set positions, the progress bar also moves in the Sequencer to show the corresponding time. The Animation Sequencer also reflects updates in Smart Review such as when paths are created or removed, points on a path are added or removed, and when there are changes to display set folders.

In the figure below, the vertical time bar in the Sequencer is paused at a specific date in the playback. The position of an animation at that date is shown in the Smart Review main view. When you stop or pause the playback, you can change the start and end dates of animation or change the time block, which is the duration time being played by the Animation Player.