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Intergraph Smart Review
2018 R1 (7.1)

Provides options for improving system performance during raytracing operations.

Illumination threshold from 0 to 1

Specifies the minimum threshold for firing rays into dark areas. The default value is 0.11, which is almost black.

Spawned rays from 1 to 100

Specifies the total number of spawned rays to calculate the illumination of a pixel. The default value is 3.

Higher values increase the amount of time necessary to raytrace the image.


Specifies that rays will extend throughout the entire model, not just within the view. When this option is selected, all the lights, textures, and other information in the model must be loaded into memory for the raytrace. For this reason, of the two options available, this option causes the most performance degradation.

Only within the View Cone

Specifies that rays will only extend within the volume of the view cone. However, all light sources, whether in the view or not, are considered when rendering the view. Setting this option means that objects located outside the view cone have no affect on rays generated in their direction. Objects outside of the view cone will also not cast shadows into the view.

Use only a single processor for raytraces

Specifies that only one of multiple available processors is used by the raytracer. Select this option if you want to continue working in other programs while the raytracer generates the image.

As rays bounce around a scene, the contribution of light diminishes. For areas that are below the value defined in the Illumination threshold, the raytracer does not fire any rays.

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