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Intergraph Smart Review
2018 R1 (7.1)

Show/Hide List View

Toggles to sort animations alphabetically (A-Z) into a flat, non-hierarchical list. By default, the List View shows the animations and folders in alphabetical order according to their name. You can then sort animations by name, start date, end date, and duration, and move them around as required.

  1. Create your animations, and then click Animation > Sequencer.

    You can also use ALT+Q to open the Sequencer.

  2. Click Show/Hide List View on the Sequencer toolbar.

    Smart Review displays the list view.

  3. Adjust the size of the pane to see the Name, Start Date, End Date, and Duration columns. The figure below shows an expanded list view.

    Use the horizontal scroll bar to see the columns without having to expand the list view.

  4. To change the order of animations, select a folder and drag it up or down to a new location in the list view.

  5. Click on each column to sort the display sets in ascending or descending order.

    Smart Review adjusts the animation display in both the List View and Time Area panes.