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Intergraph Smart Review
7.1 (2018 R1)

Animation > Display Sets > Delete

Deletes the path and points of a selected animation. This command can be accessed from the following locations:

  • Menu: Animation > Display Sets > Delete

  • Project Manager: [Display Set Name] > Animation > Display Sets > Delete

  • Toolbar: Animation > Toolbar

Delete the Animation

  1. Click Edit > Select Filter > Display Sets.

  2. Select the display set in the Main view containing the animation to remove.

  3. Click Animation > Display Sets > Delete .

    Smart Review shows the display set name and prompts you to confirm the deletion.

    • If you do not have anything selected, you are prompted by the system to delete all Display Set animations.

    • If you have a display set selected in the Project Manager, you are prompted to delete all animations for the selected display set.

    • If you have path points selected in the Main view, you are prompted to delete the animation points for the display sets.

  4. Click Yes at the prompt to delete the animation, its path and points.

  • You can also select the animation path or individual animation points and press DELETE.

  • You can delete one or more points in an animation path while in playback loop or pong modes. The play pauses when you press DELETE. The play resumes when you confirm the delete operation. The path is dynamically updated and the display set moves to the points in the modified path.

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