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2018 R1 (7.1)
  1. Open a model document in Smart Review.

  2. If Project Manager is not visible, click View > Controls > Project Manager.

  3. In the Project Manager tree view, expand the Display Sets node, the Project Files node, or any of their sub-nodes. The check box beside each item in the tree indicates whether the item is displayed or not.

    When you select a project file, only levels that contain graphic objects display. Also, any volume annotations and lighting contained in a level can be displayed and hidden. The master file (the name of the current .vue/.dri/.svf/.zvf file) displays Unnamed 1 by default. Unnamed displays as the level name unless a level has been defined in the source graphics file.

    Indicates that the item and its sub-items appear in the view of the model.

    Indicates a mix of shown and hidden sub-items.

  4. Clear the check box to hide one or more corresponding display sets, files, or levels in the view of the model. The example below shows a project file selected in the sample sprdemo.vue file. The eqp4001.dgn project file contains the displayed tank object.

  5. Clear the box to hide the tank in the view. All graphics contained in that level become hidden.

  • If you right-click in Project Manager, you can access commands on the shortcut menu. This shortcut is especially useful when manipulating display sets.

  • Use the Show/Hide for Main View, Show/Hide for Plan View, and Show/Hide for Elevation View commands to select the views where the selected items or sub-items are shown or hidden.

  • You also can also show or hide your display sets by clicking Display Sets > Show.

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