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Intergraph Smart Review
7.1 (2018 R1)

Accessories > Text Annotations > Place > One

Places one textual annotation in your model. The command automatically exits after you place the annotation, as opposed to the Place > Many command, which remains active so that you can place another annotation. You can create a text annotation with multiple lines.

If the Text Annotations command does not appear on the Accessories menu, edit the ACCESSRY.TXT file delivered with the software. For more information, see Modify the Accessories Menu.

  1. To place a single annotation, click Accessories > Text Annotations > Place > One.

  2. Click locations for a leader point and a center point.

    The Place Annotation dialog box appears. See Place Annotation Dialog Box.

  3. Because Smart Review enables you to enter multiple lines in a text annotation, you can insert text as well as data attributes:

    1. In the Annotation field, type in the text you want to display. After you type a line, press ENTER to create a new line in the annotation.

    2. In the Data attribute list, select each attribute you want to use in the annotation. The attribute you select displays on a separate line in the Annotation field.

      When you highlight all the information in the Annotation field, it gets automatically replaced when you type in new information or insert a data attribute. To append text or a data attribute to existing information, place your cursor in the field where you want to start and either type in the new text or insert data attributes.

  4. Under Display options, select how you want the text annotation to look in the Main view.

  5. Under Colors, set the color of Text, Background, and Lines for annotations. Use the standard Windows Color dialog box to choose a color. The Annotation field is updated to reflect the changes that you made.

  6. Click Bring to front if you want the text annotation and leader line to be placed in front of the model when selected. This option allows you to use the 3D text annotations as markups of a particular view point.

    If you change the view point, the text annotations may no longer display or look as you need them. You can create a saved view containing the text annotations that can be recalled later to restore the markup view. For more information, see Save and Recall Views.

  7. Click Font to open the Font dialog box and change the style, size, underline, and strike-out options.

    Smart Review shows the selected font in the Annotation field.

    The Text setting under Display options and the Color setting available in the Font dialog box offer color options and are set per text annotation. Color settings are not global options.

  8. Click Persist if you want to save your text annotation so that it is available the next time you open the model in Smart Review.

  9. Click OK to save your edits, and then exit the Place Annotation dialog box.

    Smart Review places the text annotation. If you set the Bring to front and Font options, all other placed text annotations automatically update to those global settings.