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7.1 (2018 R1)

Display Sets > Edit Position
Project Manager > Display Sets > Edit Position

Displays the Edit Display Set Position dialog box, which allows you to change the position of the selected display set. This command works in conjunction with the Display Sets > Move command to allow you to reposition display sets independent of their default location.

  1. Select the display set that you want to move from the list in Project Manager.

    Display or Hide Project Manager

  2. Right-click in Project Manager and select Edit > Display Sets > Edit Position.

    This command can also be accessed from the following locations:

    • Menu: Display Sets > Edit Position

    • Animation Toolbar: View > Toolbars > Animation

  3. Click the Move tab.

    Move Tab (Edit Display Set Position Dialog Box)

  4. Type the coordinates for the North, East, and Elevation coordinates for the Reference Origin.

  5. Select Absolute, Delta Value, or Delta Direction for the Destination. Delta defines an offset from the current position, either by a specified amount (value), or by distance and bearing (direction), to the original reference point (the Reference Origin). Absolute defines the exact destination of the moved display set (not an offset).

    Click Pick Point to select the 3D point in the model rather than specifying each coordinate individually.

  6. Type the North, East, and Elevation coordinates for the Destination.

  7. Click the Information tab.

    Information Tab (Edit Display Set Position Dialog Box)

  8. Check the Move option to move the display set to the specified destination coordinates.

  • After the display set destination has been defined in the Edit Position dialog box, use the Display Sets > Move command to toggle the Move property without having to return to the Information tab on the Edit Display Set Position dialog box.

  • If an object is a member of more than one display set with different offsets, the object is displayed using the offset assigned to the display set with the lowest ID number.

  • Although you can select multiple display sets in Project Manager, you can select only one display set at a time for dynamic motion.

  • You can also use the keypad to manipulate the position of a display set.