Enable new features and functionality using template files - HxGN SDx - Update 51 - Installation & Upgrade

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Some new features and updated functionality are delivered as part of the upgrade and made available to the administrator in the form of template documents with attached files. If you are interested in using the new functionality, the administrator needs to download the template file and load it back into the system using the Loader, as described in the procedure below.

These procedures can be performed in the Desktop Client by any user with SDx Administrator role privileges. This process was first made available in SDx with Update 10.

Download the template file

  1. Click Find > Template Documents.

  2. Search for the template document.

  3. Right-click on the document, and select Files > Save Target As.

  4. Save the file in your desired location.

Load the file into the SDx system

  1. Click File > Loader.

  2. Browse to the directory where the template files are stored.

  3. Select the files to load, and then click Open. The file appears in the Selected load files pane.

  4. Click Process. The Processed load files pane displays information about the load process for each file.

  5. Click Load Results to view the load process details.