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Installation & Upgrade
SmartPlant Foundation / SDx Version

After the new version of the software is installed, you must update each of the sites to the new version using the newly installed version of Server Manager.

If you are transferring your sites from one server to another, or if you need to rebuild the underlying server operating system and cannot keep the local file structure during the upgrade, you must first export your site configurations before upgrade. After upgrade, you must then import your exported sites and update them. For more information on exporting site configurations, see Export a configuration. For information on importing site configurations, see Import a previously saved configuration.

  1. In Server Manager, select the primary site node and click Tools > Update Site to update the site.

  2. If present on the current server, select the license site and click Tools > Update License Server to update the license site.

    This command updates the files associated with the license site, not the license management software.

  3. If present on the current server, select the Web Client site and click Tools > Update Web Client to update the Web Client server site.