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This feature was added with Update 7.

To configure the Offline display item and making Contract optional in the outgoing transmittal form, you need to do the following tasks (after upgrading the existing outgoing transmittal workflow template and before using the new workflow template):

  1. In the Desktop Client, find the SDAOutgoingTransmittal-Form form object.

  2. Right-click on the form object, and click Manage Sections.

  3. In the Manage Related Items dialog box:

    Replace the old sections with the new ones listed in the table below. Use the order they are listed in the table.

    Remove from the Related Items pane

    Add from the library pane


    SDAOutgoingTransmittalDistribution_C and SDAOutgoingTransmittalDistribution_U


    SDAOutgoingTransmittalDistributionByAnyOrg_C and SDAOutgoingTransmittalDistributionByAnyOrg_U



    SHARED Tip For more information on how to manage the related items, see Manage related items.

  4. After making the changes, click Administration > API Services > Regenerate Metadata to refresh the metadata.

The above tasks can also be loaded into the system using an XML file. Please contact support for the load file.

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