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In the internal review workflow, the functionality to handle multiple approvers and the step precedence was added in Update 18. As a result, if you are upgrading from Update 12 or higher to Update 18 or higher, there might be some irregularities in the existing workflow. You might also end up seeing "Reviewer and Approver should not be same" error. To avoid this, you must

  • Copy the latest version of the MSR Internal Review Workflow template, and use the copied version.

If you have any customizations that have been developed for your system and you do not want to lose them, then:

  • Update the HEX Internal Review Workflow template that you are using by performing the following tasks in the Desktop Client.

    1. Remove the Reviewer and Approver should not be same step.

    2. Assign the appropriate success step for the Is reviewer set step.

    3. Click Administration > API Services > Regenerate Metadata to refresh the metadata.

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