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When upgrading from a version of HxGN SDx from Update 16 through to Update 22, if you are using an external authorization service, including Okta or SmartPlant API Manager, after updating your site, you must perform the following procedure to disable the built-in authorization service.

This procedure is not necessary with Update 23 and later. The setting described here was discontinued as of Update 23 when the Intergraph Authorization Server was retired from the product.

Beginning with Update 16 and continuing through Update 22, the web.config file delivered with those Updates contained a new setting, IsSTSAuthentication, which was set to True by default. If you are installing one of these older Updates (16 through 22), when you update your site and the new web.config file is delivered, this setting will be True, which indicates the issuer URL is using the built-in Intergraph Authentication Server. If you are using any external authentication other than the built-in authentication service that is delivered with the software, such as Okta or Smart API Manager, you must change this setting to False.

  1. On the application server, locate the web.config file. (For example, it may be delivered to C:\SmartPlant Foundation Server Files\Web_Sites\[SiteName]\web.config.)

  2. Edit the web.config file.

  3. Change the value of IsSTSAuthentication in the web.config file to False.

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