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Installation & Upgrade
SmartPlant Foundation / SDx Version

The Server Manager Upgrade Wizard upgrades the SDx database. You can also create a backup of the database before the upgrade begins. For information on recommended backups, see Prepare for the upgrade.

  1. In Server Manager, right-click a site and click Tools > Upgrade Wizard from the quick menu.

  2. In the Upgrade Path page, select your upgrade path from the list of available upgrades and click Next.

    The Upgrade Wizard compiles a list of available upgrade paths. The most appropriate path as determined by the wizard will be pre-selected.

  3. In the Upgrade Options page, select the actions you would like the Upgrade Wizard to perform and click Next.

    • To upgrade and transform your data, click Upgrade data in the database.

      • To back up your database, click Back up database before upgrade and enter or browse to the location where you want the backup files to be saved.

        The Upgrade configuration managed file option is not applicable to SDx. CMF files cannot be used with SDx.

  4. In the Ready to Upgrade window, review the scripts that the Upgrade Wizard is preparing to execute and click Next to begin the upgrade.

    • If the wizard runs a procedural SQL script (PL/SQL for Oracle or T-SQL for SQL Server), the tracing output for the script is saved to the Server Manager temp directory under the default root path in a separate log file, UpgradeWizardPLSQLOutput[data]-[time].log or UpgradeWizardTSQLOutput[data]-[time].log, depending on the type of script that was run. The script results are also written to the main log file, UpgradeWizardlog.xml.

    • The log files SQLtrace.txt, DBVersioning.txt, and WFSteps_Upgrade.txt are saved to the SDxServerManager folder.

    • Critical errors cause the upgrade to stop. Click Back to make changes to your upgrade selections.

    • Non-critical errors are logged, but the upgrade continues.

  5. In the Upgrade Results window, click Finish to view the log file.

    Server Manager logs every action it performs in a log file called UpgradeWizardlog[date]-[time].xml saved in the temp directory under the default root path for the site. For example, [Drive]:\ Server Files\Temp\ServerManager\[SiteName].