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Beginning with Update 2, two versions of each workflow template can be delivered when upgrading an SDx system.

  • A master workflow template (MSR) version which is supplied for reference only and cannot be used or edited.

  • A working copy of the workflow template (HEX) version which can be used, updated, and edited.

If the SDx database has both these workflow templates when upgrading, only the MSR version is upgraded. The existing HEX version is not upgraded to avoid you losing any customization that has been developed for your system. This process protects the existing workflow template from unwanted side effects if customers have edited the workflow template to meet their own workflow process needs.

You must manually upgrade your existing editable HEX workflow template version to include any new changes featured in the upgraded master MSR workflow template. You can do this by comparing the editable HEX version with an upgraded master MSR version using Workflow Comparer. You can quickly review each new step, updated step, or property change. You can then resolve any differences by accepting or dismissing each step or property change. For more information on how to compare the workflows, see Using the Workflow Comparer.

  • The name and UID of the workflow template will have the prefix

    • MSR for the master or non-editable copy.

    • HEX for the editable copy.

  • If the SDx database does not have these workflow templates (including any new implementation) when upgrading, both the latest MSR and HEX versions are delivered.

  • You can copy an MSR template version to create an editable HEX version of the workflow template.

The workflow templates previously delivered in IM 2019 are not upgraded in SDx.

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